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Service You Can Count On

Time is money, and when your equipment is down, you’re losing both. Companies and operators throughout the southeast rely on the professionals of Duralite Radiator to keep their vehicles running with expert radiator repair and replacement services. From our specialized radiator repairs to general automotive repairs, we have the knowledge and expertise to meet your needs, amazing turn-around times, and prices you can afford.

We also have OEM production capabilities and specialize in prevention, maintenance, and repair of cooling systems susceptible to vibration issues.

Call us in Jacksonville, Florida, at (904) 389-3575 to learn more about our services. For heavy-duty or industrial services, please see our Heavy Duty Services page.

Rod-out & Clean-outs:

We remove each header tank and clean each tube individually to remove debris and improve performance.

Radiator Repairs:

Our technicians will work on any type of radiator found in cars, light trucks, heavy duty semis, farm equipment, forklifts, and construction equipment.

Radiator & Charge Air Cooler Replacements:

In the event that a radiator or charge air cooler can’t be repaired, we can replace it with a restored or new part.

Radiator Re-cores:

Avoid a complete radiator replacement by having our technicians insert a new core in your existing radiator.

Automotive Repairs & General Maintenance:

We offer general automotive repairs for air-conditioning systems, brakes, and fuel pumps.

Specialty Services:

In addition to radiator services and general automotive repairs, we offer oil cooler repairs, gas tank repairs, and AC charges.

OEM production:

We have OEM production capabilities and are capable of designing and manufacturer complete packages for nearly any kind of industrial, commercial or marine application.

Vibration Issues:

We specialize in cooling systems susceptible to vibration issues such as chippers, crushers, and grinders are among the most common.

Metal Fabrication & Welding:

In order to bring you the best in comprehensive radiator services, our technicians are skilled in metal fabrication and welding. This allows us to efficiently complete your repair in our shop.