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As a Service Writer it is a priority to keep my customers happy and get their trucks back on the road as quickly as possible. Thanks to Pete at Duralite Radiator, since 1995, we have been able to do just that with top quality repairs and rapid turn-around time. Not one customer complaint in all of these years.
Mike Clark
"For the past 11 years, I have used Duralite radiator service. With competitive pricing and quality service. Pete and I have maintained a great business relationship. Pete has always kept me informed with the repair costs and suggestions that were cost effective. With his honesty, and timely repairs he has been the one I’ve trusted for years."
Mark Fabien
"Pete, I would like to take a moment to thank you for the quality service you have been providing me here at Paclease / Kenworth of Jacksonville.
In the market place today with all the competition you have continuously provided good service, quality work and competitive prices. As a fleet & service manager, your company has helped me keep my repair costs down and my customers up and running. Thanks again and keep up the good work."
Jeff Fazan - Paclease/Kenworth of Jacksonville
"Duralite Radiator has provided us with excellent service in all of the repairs and cleanings that have been preformed by the staff there, ranging from the heavy construction equipment to over-the-road trucks. Pete and his crew have gone above and beyond to help us out in pinch when problems present themselves at the wrong time."
John Colomitz - A. J. Johns Inc.
Duralite Radiator has been a pioneer in new and rebuilt radiator technology for as long as I can remember. I know when I drop my radiator off, Duralite will inspect and suggest my best options to minimize the cost of the repair.
For the last couple of decades working in the waste and construction industries, Duralite has handled all of my radiator needs. Every radiator was always ready to be put back into service in a timely manner."
Thomas Murray - JAX Utilities Construction

"Dear Pete,
On behalf of Rush Enterprises, Inc. (Jacksonville), I want to thank you for all the help and assistance you've provided with our radiators.

We have been working together for the pass 3 years, and I wanted to take some time to express our gratitude. Praise is given where it due, and you my friend, have earned it.

Ever time we run into a jam you help us out and help us make our customer feel more wanted and they leave here satisfied. It’s real hard to find people that still have what’s best for the customer. So we thank you very much for all your support. You are one of the few. We look forward to working together for many years to come."
Lenier Martin - Rush Enterprises, Inc
"For quality radiator repair work, done in a timely manor at a fair price we use and recommend Duralite. Pete has been able to not only repair but make us radiators to a custom spec. He has come out in the field to make some small repairs and that has saved a lot of money and down time. It is hard to find people who understand what service is all about Pete and the folks at Duralite Radiator do understand and come through."
John M. Spitznagel